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Royal Luxury Mobile Pet Grooming offers tailored bathing experiences, including exfoliating massages, shedding, and flea bath treatments, as well as an experience that says "our clients chose the best option" with our sleek washes enriched with new innovations.

Short walks or long walks, we're here for that too! We walk or play until even the most energetic pup has slowed their strut.

Try our Pooper Scooper services. Let's get that yard clean and eco friendly.

Our Services

  • Crown your best man like the king or queen they are!!

    1 hr

    Starting at $55.00
  • Edward's Scissor Hands Full Grooming

    2 hr

    Starting at $75.00
  • For doggies who need a bath plus special attention to their coat.

    45 min

    Starting at $65.00
  • A gentle bath to relieve your favorite pups discomforts.

    45 min

    Starting at $65.00